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Hey everyone! Iím 19 and just recently moved in with my boyfriend, Iíve been struggling with constant nausea and stomach cramps for the last 4 months I found out today that Iím allergic to Corn wheat soy milk and eggs and I have no idea what to do! Iím already deficient on so many vitamins and I have PCOS so I already donít process foods like potatoes. I donít know what to do or what to eat:( I need help anything please :'(

Good Morning, and Welcome!

The constant stomach issues sound miserable!

A couple of questions so we can better help you - what kind of allergy testing did you have?  Have you seen a gastroenterologist, or a board certified allergist?  Any other symptoms besides the GI issues?  Are you a vegetarian, or can you eat meat/poulty/fish?

We have some really smart people here, so I'm sure we can give you some good suggestions.  I hope you get some relief soon!

Welcome! Yesówas it a skin test or a blood test? And was it for me by a board certified allergist or another doctor?

When I was in the 5th grade I went to a certified allergy doctor and they did the skin test back and arms. I was allergic to tons of trees and other sorts of fungi and mold so I started shot treatments. I continued until junior high but I couldnít drive and I had no one who could take me so I had to quit them. In October I woke up covered in hives and turned out I contracted a fungal infection I was allergic to (I was literally allergic to myself until the infection was gone) my general doctor suggested I start doing allergy treatments again. At the beginning of December I went to my Ear Nose and Throat doctor because they have a doctor who is a board certified allergist. She did the welting test and determined my skin was to sensitive and welted to easily to do the skin testing so she drew blood. I got the results yesterday. Iíll be starting shots again for the rest of my allergies and I think they will be including the food ones as well.

My main issues are usually GI occasionally my lips would itch but I never thought much of it. I have severe anxiety and a history of c-dif from working in nursing homes. So GI issues have always been a problem. To help myself from contracting c-did again I have to avoid antibiotics as much as possible and eat TONS of probiotics so yogurt ugh😞

Iím currently attending college as well and we all no how much money that leaves me. Any help would be immensely appreciated thankyou💕💕💕

I also have severe ADHD? I donít know if that has anything to do with it. I have absolutely no clue about food allergies other than my sister is allergic to cinnamon and she goes into anaphylaxis from it:(


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