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Author Topic: Epi Shortage - Time Sensitive, Please read  (Read 287 times)


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Epi Shortage - Time Sensitive, Please read
« on: May 09, 2018, 10:42:36 AM »
NBC Nightly News is doing a story re: the EpiPen shortage tonight. Theyíre looking for a NYC-based family or parent who is stressing about their childís EpiPen access. Email Ben Popken at
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Re: Epi Shortage - Time Sensitive, Please read
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2018, 06:56:06 PM »
Today I encountered the shortage.  DD left her Epi Pens in the car by mistake overnight.  I Called to see if we had any refills.  DD did not, but DS did.  My insurance no longer covers Auvi (and we used the free from Kaleo and the refills so no more for the year) and will only cover generic.  None of the Walgreens that I called had any generic Epi.  UGH.  CVS has their own generic brand and I was able to transfer the script.  We are now the proud owners of Impax Epi Injectors.  They are thinner than the Mylan generic, plus!  You do have to pull two caps off but you know what?  I am so grateful that CVS has this option bc my regular pharmacy had nothing for me.  I am going to have the allergist call in a script for DD to CVS.  I guess the schools will need to be trained but hey, if I can't get the Epi - Pen I am glad we have something.   Should be interesting when we get to school.

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Re: Epi Shortage - Time Sensitive, Please read
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2018, 07:05:45 AM »
Iím glad you were able to get something.

Jealous, but happy for you at the same time.
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Re: Epi Shortage - Time Sensitive, Please read
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2018, 03:40:10 PM »
Iím due for a refill this month but mine are still looking good so Iím holding off because I know so many parents will be stressing out trying to get ready for heading back to school. Iím sure that is stressful enough on its own. But it is an uncomfortable position for me as well. I would willingly take a vial and syringe if it meant that a child could have an autoinjector for school etc. But why does it keep happening that we even have to think about making these uncomfortable decisions?