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Author Topic: Anson Mills  (Read 362 times)

Description: Grains and Beans

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Anson Mills
« on: July 12, 2018, 03:00:36 PM »
OMG, I'm on the verge of happy tears this morning: Anson Mills has dedicated allergen segregation protocols to keep their gluten-free grains free from any cross contact: separate farming equipment, transportation, milling equipment, packaging, and even air filtration systems!!  Their gluten-free products are made in a completely segregated part of their facility with it's own air conditioning, even.  No other foods are allowed in the mill.  Benne is a type of sesame, for those avoiding sesame, and they have segregation protocols for that, too.


Cornbread, polenta, corn grits, hushpuppies, rice grits, beans, and more... YES!!!

Oh, and they ship to Canada.  It's stupid expensive, but worth it once in a while.  (I'll make a bigger order whilst holidaying in America.)
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