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Author Topic: Hives after swimming: allergic to chlorine?  (Read 2880 times)


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Re: Hives after swimming: allergic to chlorine?
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 05:38:57 AM »
I know I'm late replying to this topic, but I am a new member and I have been in a similar situation. About 3 years ago I moved and started swimming in another pool, within minutes of getting out of the pool I was covered in red, itchy, bumps. I had no idea why. I showered and figured I could get whatever was bothering me off. I thought I was allergic to chlorine, but I had been a swimmer my whole life, I had been on a swim team as a kid, and we always owned a pool. I had never had a problem. This happened 2-3 more times before we decided to have professionals come take care of our pool. Turns out the pH was off, and once that issue was cleared up so were my problems with the red, itchy bumps after swimming.

This issue might be solved already, but just adding in my 2 cents.