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Main Discussion Board / Re: Food challenges
« Last post by GoingNuts on Today at 07:51:27 AM »
Hooray for the Pass!!!

Barney Butter and Wonderful almonds have been real game changers for us. It was so hard for FS to carry a shelf stable snack that had protein and would fill him up.
We went to Beaches in Turks and Caicos when the kids were really little, DS was in diapers and hadn't been diagnosed with TNA yet.  We had a great time, but we did some of the sesame street events since the kids were so young.   

Don't wait too long to do these family vacations because as he progresses in HS, some of that vacation time may be needed for visiting colleges that are farther away. 
Main Discussion Board / Re: Food challenges
« Last post by hezzier on Today at 05:59:02 AM »
Congratulations!  This thread might have some ideas, don't know if you can get any of it locally though.

Sources for Peanut FREE treenuts
Space - Beaches in Turks & Caicos - is that one that close enough to a hospital?  Told DH about the Disney Cruise and now he says he'd rather do a resort in the Caribbean.  He is making me crazy - once he sees the price tag and the air fare maybe he will feel differently....
Main Discussion Board / Re: Food challenges
« Last post by joshsmom on Yesterday at 10:35:17 PM »
I called for the Barney Butter but my grocery store was sold out. I will Drive to the next town over and try and get that for him. I am ordering roasted almonds and almond butter from CA tomorrow. Is there any safe at the grocery store that is peanut and other treenut free?
Main Discussion Board / Re: Food challenges
« Last post by PurpleCat on Yesterday at 05:05:18 PM »

After my DD passed Almond, she really embraced Barney Butter in it's many varieties.  She loves dipping apple slices in it.
Main Discussion Board / Re: Food challenges
« Last post by joshsmom on Yesterday at 04:56:24 PM »
Yes We will challenge pecans next month. He is still allergic to peanuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, sesame and sunflower. I plan on watching him really close when he eats almonds. He loved the taste of them too. He ate 12 whole salted almonds.
Traveling & Restaurants / Re: Spring Break trip ideas - multiple food allergies
« Last post by MaryM on Yesterday at 04:44:53 PM »
There is a 4 night Disney cruise during our break....
If we go to CA, the kids would want to do Disneyland and I want to do a cross country trip at some point in the next few years.

Id love to do Europe - England or Ireland for a first trip.

Of course I hate flying.  If we did the cruise out of Florida wed drive.
Main Discussion Board / Re: Living with Food Allergies, 2013 and on
« Last post by Janelle205 on Yesterday at 04:40:48 PM »
The couple of people that gave me mean looks when I told DS no apples can go choke on an apple core.  :paddle:
Main Discussion Board / Re: Food challenges
« Last post by Janelle205 on Yesterday at 04:39:24 PM »
Success!  So happy for you and your DS!  :thumbsup:
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