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Traveling & Restaurants / Re: Franklin/Nashville, TN
« Last post by MaryM on Today at 09:27:39 PM »
Thanks tnmom!  We had success at Maggiano's in Nashville and Mellow Mushroom in Franklin.  We are enjoying our visit.  DS and I haven't been here in avout 7 years.  DD and DH were here last spring.
I saw this thread and didn't see this gem of a nut-free bakery on the list. I visited with family on a trip--wonderful! The staff was fantastic and really patient as DS 1 had so many choices and only had previously visited a nut-free bakery in Michigan before.

Blacker's Bakeshop (closed Saturday)

Schools and Food Allergies / Re: New College has no clue about PA
« Last post by gvmom on Today at 06:16:35 PM »
OH FU@#!!!!! 

OMG!  I am in shock reading the BAD.  My mouth dropped open. 

Has she gone to the library to actually see what they had?  Looked around, on the floor, under tables, asked every possible employee & volunteer if they picked up any of the pages?

And, totally someone should be toast over something like this.  I'd also want to know if they faxed her stuff anywhere else. 

At least the GOOD news seems to be actually FANTASTIC!  Which... it really is fantastic! 

Good grief though!  You all are going to be exhausted with the stress of these things by the start of school.....
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: New College has no clue about PA
« Last post by PurpleCat on Today at 06:15:07 PM »
The good news is fantastic!

The bad news is outrageous.  And I do not have a clue what she can or should do about it.
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: New College has no clue about PA
« Last post by wackattack69 on Today at 02:36:01 PM »
Now, the BAD and I am in shock.
DD faxed her allergist her old school plans as well as her old action plan and a new action plan for her allergist to sign and fill out. She then called the office to confirm receipt and to say they as soon as it was ready, she would be in to pick the forms up. They said "of course". Well, Friday she got a call from a campus of her former college that she had NEVER been to, whom had received her paperwork from the allergist...today, the local library (where DD has faxed her forms from) called to say she has 7 pages of forms from the allergists office :rant: Can we say HIPPA??? The forms have been sitting at a public library since Friday at 3pm.....and 4 pages are missing. Just WTH?? You don't blindly fax things to whatever fax number it came from when the person faxing specifically stated that she would pick them up (as she had no fax machine of her own).
 So, her medical info has been at a public library and some pages are even missing. I feel like someone should lose their job over this. I have never been so mad in my life. Her social security number was NOT on the forms, but her med.info was, her address, her phone, my phone, etc. What should DD so?
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: New College has no clue about PA
« Last post by GoingNuts on Today at 02:22:58 PM »
That's wonderful news.  :thumbsup:
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: New College has no clue about PA
« Last post by wackattack69 on Today at 02:06:33 PM »
UPDATE, first the Good.
DD went to see the school nurse (NP, actually) who was awesome. She took her to a private room and asked if she had heard of FARE (she had the FARE forms laid out and well as an Action Plan). Well, DD just started laughing....sure her blood pressure went down a lot. She gave the nurse copies of her Action Plan, as well as her plan from her previous college. The nurse said they stock EpiPens right there!
When DD gently told her about the "in the dark" disability boss, and the fact that he said there was nothing she needed to sign....the NP just rolled her eyes and said OF COURSE there are things for you to sign! So, she gave her forms to sign..release forms in case EMS was called. All calls are routed to the campus police (who have an actual police station on campus) who then direct EMS to wherever the student physically is. DD absolutely loves this woman :heart: The lady also said to please go through her for any issues and had DD sign a form stating that should the present Disability man RETIRE (think she was hinting) that she would be the main contact for DD and any issues. She gave DD her phone, personal and office and said to come to her for ANYTHING at all.
 Now, 24 hours before that. DD sent the Disability man a bullet pointed paper stating what she needed done by Monday. Well...he did it all and then some! He sent a long letter to the teachers and students stating that this was a life or death issue and that is a RECOGNIZED disability---waahoo!!! He also stated that PA is a "hot topic" in the disability world, right now. Sounds like maybe HE googled a bit.
Anyway DD is ecstatic now, calm, feeling secure and looking forward to school on Monday.
Main Discussion Board / Re: EMS and epinephrine administration
« Last post by name on Today at 01:36:32 PM »
One more related thought: no allergist should be afraid to thoughtfully respond in action and word to patient inquiries on the process of initiating EMS--from administration of epinephrine to arrival at the hospital.  I'd go further, calling it a duty to make contact with regional medical directors, particularly for the large segment of patients with comorbid asthma and anaphylaxis.  Empty platitudes fail to address deficiencies, or worse; put a patient at higher risk needlessly due to condescension.
Main Discussion Board / Re: EMS and epinephrine administration
« Last post by name on Today at 11:42:53 AM »
These are short definitions for context.  They are not intended to be complete or all encompassing. 

PCR Patient Care Report is the medic's written narrative.  It documents the response to the patient, scene, etc., so take care this is from the medic's perspective and done to protect the medic and agency. 

Scope is the predefined permissions and limits by state and region a level of practice for any provider.  All regions have a medical control with a medical director.  Offline protocols are essentially written permission to treat or administer similar to our Emergency Action Plans (to provide common point of reference).  When in any doubt we are to radio in to medical control for online direction from a physician most similar to what we would experience on a plane during medical emergency.

Veering from offline protocols threatens the established EMS system.  They have seconds to perform assessments.  Given scope limitations, offline and online medical direction, and very little time to react on scene, preparing to react with the system could help.

Know that the PCR will be the medic's narrative.  Think about how to translate the allergist's EAP into quick, efficient communication that fits in with scope and medical direction.  Does the anaphylaxis grading scale make sense in these circumstances?  No.  But when asked as a patient you can relay that you are following your allergist's standing orders for treatment and hand over a copy of the EAP.  In my mind FARE's infographic EAP cuts through a lot of static.

A good thing to keep in mind is what BLS is mainly trained to do: life support.  If you are walking, talking, following care based on the orders of a very well qualified board-certified allergist, prehospital transportation by EMS is not dialed in to that at all.  They did not attend medical school and they are not going to understand nuanced care.  They are there to package patients up for the hospital and keep you stable until they can transfer you officially into the care of a licensed individual at their level or higher.

We're also trained to focus on airways at BLS.  If it doesn't involve the airway the care understood at BLS level (and arguable ALS, depends) then it may not be a well understood emergency.

I wish allergist and allergy orgs would transfer and train all efforts on EMS systems until they were brought up to speed.  If I can I'll post a copy of my albuterol drug card.  It still states contraindications include peanut allergy though AAAAI debunked this myth years ago. 
Hey Penny....

..... so ..... coconut milk..... I went to try and find an example for you, and I was able to find that Countdown stores have this coconut milk:


It is an example of what I'm talking about.  Growing up, if you had said coconut milk to me I would have thought the stuff inside a coconut too.  But, the above link should show you more of what I mean. 

Your English breakfast tea should do well with an alternative milk though.  We have had troubles trying to put other milks into herbal teas.  It separates and is gross.... except for mint.  But, real caffeinated tea that we've used will take other milks well.  It then just comes down to what flavor you like. 

If you are able to get some other milks to try, if there is a vanilla version, I'd go with getting that too.  Cooking you can go plain, but drinking I'd go vanilla. 

BTW, you can also make your own rice milk.  We buy ours.... which really is only used on cereal or in cooking.  But, for anything where you might seriously taste it, I did make rice milk once and it was the only time we all thought it was good straight.  You can find directions on the internet.  It is a lot of work ... but if you don't have 3 kids bugging you while you try and make it, it might not seem like such a hassle!
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