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Main Discussion Board / Re: Our Son Passed Away
« Last post by BensMom on Today at 07:52:00 AM »
My husband is working from home today, so I told him we should go together today to get our shots. My daughter is on campus all day, but has a long break. I told her if she can get her flu shot at the health center, she could do that and be done with it. I need to text my son, who is living in CA.

Mumaluke, we didn't used to get flu shots. I'm not anti-vax, but thought an annual flu shot wasn't really necessary.  My daughter, who is 20, asked last night at dinner when and why we started getting them. I said it was when someone's son died and they posted here. That's when we started. I told them you come back and post every year to remind us to get our shots.  :heart:
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Pasta Casseroles
« Last post by hezzier on Yesterday at 06:32:17 PM »
It was pretty good.  I also used fresh baby spinach.  I think the directions said cook it uncovered, but the cheese was a little hard so covered seems like a better bet and then take the foil off at the end.
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: HS 504 plan
« Last post by PurpleCat on Yesterday at 06:05:02 PM »
We dropped ours for HS.  The admins and teachers in our district are very proactive and supportive, we are fortunate.

2 things that I remember having to address in high school.  Science labs (one included burning food...yes, food - burning nuts was changed to burning crackers) and an incident with a bomb threat when students were told to evacuate without taking backpacks or belongings.  They were bused to another school in our district.   The school now has protocols in place so if belongings are left behind by directive to be sure emergency meds travel with the nurse.  This includes other meds besides epi pens.
Main Discussion Board / Re: OIT article
« Last post by ctmartin on Yesterday at 05:09:39 PM »

Great, article, hezzier ... thank you for sharing!  Our local allergist just started doing immunotherapy in office and has been trying to talk us into starting it.  We are very much on the fence, especially with him being so new to it.  I can't say that this article changed my mind one way or the other, but it was definitely an informative read!
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Pasta Casseroles
« Last post by GoingNuts on Yesterday at 04:41:29 PM »
That looks fabulous.  Iím seriously in the mood for that.  :thumbsup:
Recipes & Cooking / Pasta Casseroles
« Last post by hezzier on Yesterday at 01:55:33 PM »
I made to drop off at a friend's house.  It made 9x13 plus an 8x8 pan.  I left out the half and half.  Dropping off a loaf of bread, salad and cookies to go with it.
Mfrs. & Packaged Food / Re: Xanthan Gum
« Last post by GoingNuts on Yesterday at 12:53:40 PM »
Thanks SC!
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: HS 504 plan
« Last post by MaryM on Yesterday at 12:41:37 PM »
Thanks Mac!  Iíll look for it.
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: HS 504 plan
« Last post by Macabre on Yesterday at 12:25:05 PM »
Mary I may be able to look for it this evening, but there are HS threads and I think a thread that links to those threads. I believe I included DS 504 from 9th grade (full text) in one. I can look tonight. When is the meeting?
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by Stinky10 on Yesterday at 12:19:46 PM »
I made a meal with mine for pennies  :)

started out cleaning my freezer
found a few bags of bones and veggies
used the chicken carcasses and veg to make broth - then added left over rice - seasoned with lemon, parm and a pinch of penzy Italian Seasons  -   LUNCH! It was really good too

I mixed beef and pork bones to make a batch of darker broth

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