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Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by BensMom on Today at 02:23:23 PM »
I'm determined to like it ;).
Other foods/MFA/EE / Re: EE and/or Mast Cell Disorders in Adults
« Last post by Ciel on Today at 02:02:12 PM »
Oh yes, that does sound like me, including the part where you say you sometimes get raised welt with broken skin.

I already had a doctorís appointment next week so I will talk to her then.

My mind is overloaded and I am feeling overwhelmed so Iím going to try to stop thinking too much until I see the GP.

Iím most worried that I am so desperate for an answer that I am subconsciously squeezing and twisting my thoughts to make the pieces seem to feet. Iím not really trusting my objectivity right now.
Traveling & Restaurants / Re: Philadelphia
« Last post by L on Today at 11:21:05 AM »
For future readers of this thread, all of the Starr Restaurant Group restaurants are great at accommodating food allergies. They have 20 restaurants in Phila; the more casual restaurants for kids include both Continental locations and Jones, but all of their restaurants have excellent food and are professional about accommodating allergies.
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Chia seeds
« Last post by Stinky10 on Today at 09:42:27 AM »
You can blend the pudding to make it smoother
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by Stinky10 on Today at 09:41:10 AM »
I donít like pasta in the pot
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by SilverLining on Today at 08:30:37 AM »
You people talk about left over chicken like itís a normal thing.

I have yet to cook a chicken that doesnít get finished in one sitting.  :hiding:
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by BensMom on Today at 08:13:56 AM »
I'm looking at pasta recipes now. I'll probably make some kind of basic pasta with jar sauce and either ground beef or sausage. I'm thinking if this works, the IP could be a big win on this rather than using a pot for meat and sauce and another for boiling water and cooking pasta.
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by BensMom on Today at 08:02:30 AM »
Thanks. I did use a similar rub on the skin, and seared it (or tried to sear it), but then forgot to put more under the skin. I think I'm going to leave whole chickens to DH.
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by Janelle205 on Today at 12:17:34 AM »
Bensmom, I don't have an instant pot, but cook a whole chicken at least once a month, usually in the crockpot.

The rub I use, which I also use for turkey/bone in turkey breasts:
2 tsp salt
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp ground thyme
1 tsp white pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp black pepper (or so, I just guess with fresh from the grinder)

I usually do a really big chicken so that I can use leftovers (7.5-8 pounds) so for a smaller chicken I would use less.  I rub inside and out, and a loosen the breast skin and put a little under that.  I put a whole or half onion in the cavity, depending on what will fit.  You can reduce the salt to a teaspoon if you want - there is some difference, but I am a pretty good taster.  It isn't too spicy for my kids, but I have reduced the cayenne a bit for other people.

I use this so much that I just buy bulk spices at the Amish grocery now and keep a big batch.
Reactions & Stories / Re: Allergy death in Australia
« Last post by PurpleCat on Yesterday at 06:16:59 PM »
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