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Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by BensMom on May 28, 2018, 08:24:08 AM »
Maybe it needed some water?

I made ribs yesterday in the IP, and they came out fine, but the pot was hissing the entire time. I stopped it twice and reset the sealing ring (it seemed slightly off, but I put it in all the way and then it seemed off again.) I was cooking 2 racks, thought it might be too crowded, so I took one out, reset the ring, washed everything--the valve, etc, and restarted and it still hissed. It did have pressure when it was done--there was pressure to release--but I don't know why it was hissing like that.
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Instant Pot!
« Last post by GoingNuts on May 27, 2018, 03:47:07 PM »
So, I was trying to make this.

I cooked the beans on the bean setting, and followed the directions for the rest (I made the low sugar version, eliminating the brown sugar and using tomato sauce instead of ketchup).  When I returned the ingredients to the Pot, after a few minutes I got an error message and it started beeping.  I think between the molasses and tomato sauce it was overheating, so I turned it into a Corningware casserole and put it in the oven. 
Main Discussion Board / Re: Auvi-Q relaunch
« Last post by GoingNuts on May 27, 2018, 02:02:41 PM »
DS saw his allergist Wednesday AM before heading back up to school.  Allergist wrote him a prescription for AUVI, so hed have both Epipen and Auvi.  He asked if there were any discount cards, and his allergist said they would ship them directly to him with no copay. He had them by Friday morning. 
Awesome for her!  It's a great life milestone on its own, enriched by her success at living independently with food allergies!

So many of our kiddos are now in college and beyond.  I love hearing about their successes!
I just had to post that Lauren graduated from college last weekend.

She is has LTFA to PN/TN and chose to live gluten-free. At the beginning of her senior year, we discovered her choice to avoid gluten changed to a need and she also needed to avoid corn, soy, dairy and eggs as well. We didn't test. It was advised and since being off those foods, her condition has dramatically improved.

In college, she lived by herself for 4 years and it took a bit of time for her to learn to reach out, but she did.
We had some scary calls - "Mom, I've random hives on my arm and torso".  Not a big deal in itself, but scary because she lived alone. Thankfully, campus police can do well-being checks.
She had exposure in a classroom after an ice cream party from the prior class. - eyes swelled shut but no other symptoms. Thankfully, a kind invididual saw and took care to watch her.
She had one violent sickness the campus doctor believed was a stomach virus but Mom, knowing DD and how she gets sick, knows it was a reaction.
Her PA was challenged on a number of occasions. Sometimes she stood up. Sometimes it wasn't worth the battle (she knew they wouldn't get it). Once I had to get involved.

But she is OK.

True we were only 1/2 hour away from her and could be there in 15 minutes in an emergency
I would love to brag about how well she did but that is not the point of this post. In the past when I had met people with LTFA, and who were further in their life adventure than she was, while I knew there were never any guarantees, it always gave me some comfort.

I haven't been on this site much (I was active on older site when she was younger) but I was welcomed here and when I have needed support, ya'll have been there. Thank you.
Thank you to those who laid the foundation for her that she was able to build upon.
I hope and pray that anything we have done at college helps those who are entering this year - possibly even at different college as there was significant attrition in some key staffing areas. Hoping the education we gave them went with them to their next college.

It was by far from easy (FA-wise), but she did it.

I hope and pray that her next adventure in the work-force, which is riddled with food at every turn,  is as 'smooth'.

Main Discussion Board / Allergy Co9nference
« Last post by eragon on May 27, 2018, 05:23:28 AM » 

A work in progress, and a new experience for me organising this event. not for profit, all volunteer speakers.
wish me luck and pass on to any UK friends who might be interested! 
Mfrs. & Packaged Food / Re: Enjoy Life - sold to Mondelez
« Last post by hezzier on May 26, 2018, 03:10:56 PM »
Ordered Seed and Fruit Mix again, this time from Amazon.  4 out of 24 were open due to poor sealing...asked amazon to replace them.  Box arrived today...3 out of 24 again not sealed properly, but I can't complain at this point since I didn't have to return the first box so now have 41 good ones.  I really wish Enjoy Life would get their act together on this.  Any other company, this would stop me from ordering again, but we love these for on the go snacks.
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