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Traveling & Restaurants / Re: Toronto
« Last post by spacecanada on July 21, 2018, 04:51:01 PM »
Don't forget about the new Hype Food Co!!!! 

Our kitchen is free from gluten and top allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, sesame and seafood.
  They DO use coconut, though -- it is NOT a tree nut in Canada.

The Keg is a nation-wide chain with a good reputation for accommodating allergies and special diets.

Another one: Goodbye Gluten Bakery:

Allergy Bites has some good restaurant reviews of Toronto area restaurants, and some discount cards:

Some fun items you can have shipped to your hotel or find a various grocery stores (some may use coconut, I have no idea since it's not a nut here):
- Libre Naturals - (they ship to America too, coconut-free)
- Freeyumm granola bars, cookies:
- Three Farmers roasted chickpeas:
- Made Good granola bars, granola, chocolate chips:
- Screamin Brothers frozen dessert (coconut base):
- Lotus Foods rice ramen noodles (just the noodles, not the flavour packets):
Recipes & Cooking / Sashushka
« Last post by Stinky10 on July 21, 2018, 03:19:31 PM »
I finally made this dish!  I've been wanting to for a decade or so!

I think I had too many peppers - or maybe just slice thinner - I uded a red bell, red jalepeno and a pablano - w/one can 28 oz whole tomatoes...

and I was little heavy handed with the paprika and cumin
or my tomatoes just weren't that bright.....

does anyone add an acid?  splash of vinegar? lemon?

served with a sourdough baugette

It was great!   Very satisfying

Do you make it?  Tell me your version. 
Recipes & Cooking / Re: Nut Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free cake recipe needed
« Last post by hezzier on July 21, 2018, 12:22:35 PM »
Here's the cake recipe I's in the oven now, but I just realized when I doubled the recipe I read the amount wrong on the vinegar so only put in 2 tsp instead of 2 TBS...ooops.

using this for the "frosting"

Will report back on how it turns out
Traveling & Restaurants / Re: Toronto
« Last post by Ciel on July 21, 2018, 10:12:55 AM »
If you eat meat, look up Swiss Chalet. I am only allergic to pistachios and cashews for tree nuts. They do serve a pecan pie but Iím not sure if itís made in house. I am under the impression it is not, but double check if pecans are an allergen. I linked to their menu, and you can use the search icon to filter out dishes containing TN or egg. You can also find contact info to ask your own questions there. 

Harveyís (burger place) is another potential.

Maybe Red Lobster, they have an informative allergen chart that is a good starting point. Iíd want to ask further questions though. I havenít been there due to shellfish allergies.

Allergy Mom has a list of allergy aware brands that might be helpful. Itís not exclusively Canadian, but there are some listed.

Freddo/Vadeboncoeur have good chocolates made in a pn & tn free facility. Youíd need to check into egg. They have holiday novelties, Mini bites and chocolate chips for baking. I *think* I have seen them at Shoppers, I will check next time I go to the pharmacy.

I know you mentioned Chapmanís, but just wanted to say that these are my favourite.

Other good brands to check out are Allanís, Dare, Maynards, Kerrís...

Canadian Favourites is another place to look for ideas.

Iíll be back if I think of more. What sort of things are you planning while here? If youíll be walking around downtown, you might like walking down Graffiti Alley. Let us know if you need or want suggestions. :)

You might also want to pm candyguru. I think he might have some food suggestions to add, but he is not on regularly so might not see this in time otherwise. SL and catelyn may also have some good ideas.
Traveling & Restaurants / Toronto
« Last post by DoubleAs on July 21, 2018, 06:38:21 AM »
Headed to Toronto and looking for allergy friendly restaurants for my teen son who is allergic to egg and tree nuts. Iíd prefer a nut-free restaurant, if possible. Weíre super excited to try Hype Food ( he had an amazing experience at Zero8 in Montreal two years ago), but would love other options as well.

Also, what Canadian brands should I take advantage of?  I know Chapmanís has a line of nut-free ice cream in a safe production facility, but what else should I look for or potentially stock up on to bring home 🙂

Thanks in advance for any tips!
How are you doing now, Sunshine_burn? It's been more than a year, and in my experience dietary restrictions get easier over time. Hopefully that has been your experience.

I have Type 1 diabetes in addition to food allergies, and it's a really, really tough combination. Unfortunately, the only way for me to keep my blood sugar levels stable is to eat a very low-carb diet (in addition to insulin, of course). If I eat too many carbs, I inevitably get a spike or crash - or both - in my blood sugar. Some people with Type 1 diabetes can manage to eat carbs and keep good control, but I'm not one of them.

If you are still looking for meal ideas, let me know. Lots of good ideas here already.
July 18, 2018
 (503) 283-3831

Portland French Bakery of Portland, OR is recalling 26,635 units of Seattle Sourdough Pub Bun 6pk and 8,022 units of Franz Premium Pub Buns 12pk, because it may contain undeclared SOY. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to soy run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.
Products were distributed in Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Utah through United States Bakery distribution systems between 6/24/18 and 7/17/18.
The Seattle Sourdough Pub Bun 6pk, net wt. 16 oz., can be identified by UPC 0-72220-10164-5 and the Franz Premium Pub Buns 12pk, net wt. 32 oz., can be identified by UPC 0-72220-70218-7. Both items are packed in a poly bag with a best before date between JUL- 03-18 and JUL-31-18.
No illnesses have been reported to date.
The labeling problem was discovered during a label and packaging review by firm. The recall was initiated after it was discovered that product containing soy was distributed in packaging that did not reveal the presence of soy.
This recall is being made with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If a consumer has an allergy issue with SOY and have purchased the Seattle Sourdough Pub Bun 6pk and/or the Franz Premium Pub Buns 12pk, they are urged not to consume and return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.
Consumers with questions may contact Portland French Bakery at (503) 283-3831 from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday, Pacific Standard Time.
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: Is Carrying an EpiPen at school a "Privilege"?
« Last post by name on July 19, 2018, 07:58:26 PM »
No one here can give you legal advice.  You'd need to consult a licensed attorney in your state for that.  The lowest price point there may be a call to your state's Protection & Advocacy system Disability Rights California.  These offices have enabling statutes that allow them to represent disabled individuals.  The process may be frustrating, or not, DRC appears to be more robust than other state P&A, but you must go through intake in order to be reviewed for attorney assistance. 

Our child never signs what the district believes is an enforceable, viable contract and/or consent of a minor.  I always welcome them to choose wisely in response.   As an aside, many here will revert or cite federal laws which is never a bad starting place, but federal law and associated administrative agencies with jurisdiction for enforcement are not necessarily the response you need or are looking for.  State laws may raise the federal floor, and going forward without licensed counsel knowledgeable in applicable state laws may not be in your best long term interest.

My advice would be trying a quick Facebook inquiry to Allergy Law Project.  They won't give you legal advice but you may get some solid leads for a plan moving forward.  Mary and Laurell might also have some interest in this fact pattern or recommendations for an attorney in your state.  Won't cost anything to try.  Might want to tag FARE on social media if you either desire to or even have social media.  Be measured with what personal details you give out publicly.  In fact, I'd advocate a discreet direct email to someone at FARE with the appropriate job title but I understand most people prefer Facebook or Twitter.

In my personal opinion you would benefit from having a competent, licensed attorney in your state to guide you through this as a consultant, one who has proven experience in this nascent area of law (allergy/disability).  I'd be cautious in agreeing to full representation with a required retainer (significant money down) but a free initial consult followed by agreed hourly consult until representation seems sensible to both parties could provide good attorney oversight with the benefit of "issue spotting" for long term outcomes.

Of course you may hit the lottery with DRC P&A where they agree to take your case because it applies to a broad segment of disabled students with adverse impact, among other troubling issues I won't enumerate. 
Schools and Food Allergies / Re: Is Carrying an EpiPen at school a "Privilege"?
« Last post by ctmartin on July 19, 2018, 06:52:43 PM »

No advice, but just chiming in ... we are in private school in NC and sign a similar paper every year.  I'm not sure they use the word "privilege" per se, but more like a "responsibility" and they make them sign off on a bunch of things such as carrying meds responsibly, not sharing food, etc.  She is in middle school, though.  I agree with you, though ... are students with other disabilities requiring medication (diabetes?) asked to sign a similar "privilege" form?
Schools and Food Allergies / Is Carrying an EpiPen at school a "Privilege"?
« Last post by nonutmom on July 19, 2018, 05:57:01 PM »
Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have 2 peanut/tree allergic children, and my youngest (daughter) will be a senior next school year. After all the years of filling out school medication forms and jumping through school hoops, this year's packet is thicker than ever and contains new forms. One of the forms is asking my daughter to agree that self-carrying her epipen and inhaler is a privilege that can be revoked. I have a big problem signing that. We live in California and I don't think it's a privilege - I think it's a law. Additionally, they want me to allow the school nurse to consult my daughter's doctor and view her medical records. They are asking for her social security number and her chart number. I am hoping one of you can advise me on the legalities of what they can and can't require. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the long post.
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