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Guidelines for Moderating this Board
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Posted: Nov 5th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

All of the moderators on this board are members first and volunteer moderators second. We would like you to remember that when you see any posts from them, it is a post as a member -- unless they specify that they are posting as a Moderator. The majority of their work will be keeping the boards tidy by; moving threads, editing title/subtitles if the original poster requests (usually requested due to a typo); adding a sub-title to let people know if a thread is or becomes a topic of debate etc; and deleting trolls and SPAM.

Following are the guidelines;

Posts made by obvious trolls (quoting Darwinism) may be subject to immediate deletion by any moderator. SPAM should also be deleted immediately. With regard to allergy related ads, do not delete.

Editing/deleting of member posts should be done as little as possible. The following should be edited ASAP and a PM sent explaining why.

  • If a person asks you edit/delete their own post because they can't figure it out.

  • If someone posts personal information about a member who does not post that information themselves (e.g. names, children's names).

  • If someone [quotes] another post that includes personally identifying information which is later deleted.

  • If original poster requested not to be quoted as they plan to edit out personally identifying info later.

If it is very obviously in the wrong forum, give notice that it will be moved. If requested by original poster, use discretion whether notice needs to be given (how active has it been).

These are allowed, and perhaps even encouraged. They are part of what makes this support group unique. Disagreeing, different points of view are all fine, but on-topic should not include name-calling or personal insults. It is useful to keep in mind that even highly contentious threads, or those with fairly blunt language are almost always self-limiting and will not require Moderator intervention. Please send a PM to any offending parties if such a debate appears to be drifting toward personal attack. If it continues, refer to the 'locking' guidelines in the section on "Off-Topic" moderation.

Guidelines for Moderating Off Topic


If a topic starts heading towards an off-topic debate, a friendly reminder to take it to OT would be appropriate. A thread could be split if it suddenly goes OT. Add a post to explain that the post has been split and include a link to the *new* thread.

A thread appropriately titled or sub-titled to be about debate, disagreement, insult, etc., will be allowed to be that. Nobody is forced to read those threads, so those that choose to participate can.

First give a warning that it will be locked. If after about 3 posts it continues nasty LOCK for about 24 hours. If it immediately starts up again, LOCK for 24 - 48 hours. If it requires a third lock, it's permanent.
This rule is for all forums, but I expect OT is the only place it will ever be used in.

Edited to clarify personally identifying.

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Posted: Nov 8th, 2009 at 07:14 pm


This thread is locked as it is intended FOR REFERENCE to simply post the Guidelines for Moderating.

Please start separate thread for questions, comments, or discussion about specifics of these guidelines.

Thank you!


ETA -- April 10, 2011, These Guidelines are currently undergoing detailed review with Commitee in order to be consistent with new forum and modifications being considered and/or implemented. We anticipate revisions to be posted soon.

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