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Author Topic: Threads in this board  (Read 5646 times)


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Threads in this board
« on: September 08, 2011, 02:59:17 PM »
The threads in this board have been pulled over from Hyperboards so that there is a searchable and browsable ARCHIVE of food recalls (mostly from N. America) over the past several years.  This is important because it allows people new to an allergy to closely examine just WHICH sorts of products (not just particular manufacturers) tend to produce the greatest number of allergen-related recalls for a particular food allergy.  For example, egg is commonly recalled in deli items-- it's SO regular that it's important for families with egg allergy to know that.

HISTORY helps.

The thread starters here include:

1) the past TWO YEARS of allergen recalls posted at FAS-hyperboards,
2) NOT including non-allergen food/product recalls,
3) NOT including follow-on discussion posts from FAS-hyperboards.

Each thread starter is of the form:

TITLE:  DATE, Item, country
SUBTITLE: allergens

post content:  As much information as possible related to the original recall, as originally posted at FAS-hyperboards.

link-back:  to the original thread at FAS-hyperboards.