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New York City / NYC threads

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I am beyond green with envy.  Not only am I dying to see Ham, but I'd love to see Mandy Gonzalez in that role. She was spectacular in In the Heights. 

I am trying not to get my hopes up about the cast but it would be awesome to see Mandy Gonzalez and Javier Munoz.  Either was it will be awesome and we get to have good meal first! 

Blue Smoke was amazing!  DS enjoyed his meal - no eggs ingredients in the fryer so he could have fries.  It was wonderful.  Manager stayed in kitchen to oversee for prep - informed the chefs and the whole line.  Was just great as was Hamilton!

That is so cool, MaryM!

Yeah, it can be totally stressful when you need to eat before seeing a show that youíve waited for and spent so much money on. (Before our last Bway show in NUC we just ate at Chipotle for that very reason).  Iím so glad you had a safe place and that it was such a good experience.



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