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Calcium Suppliments that are ok for Fish Allergic


I have a 7 year old that is lactose intolerant that was taking calcium supplements but he has developed a fish allergy and the supplements that he was taking are no longer safe for him.   Does anyone with a fish allergy take a calcium supplement? If so what brand is safe?    So many of these supplements are made in plants that make fish oil or other supplements with omega 3s that I can't find anything to give him.

Lactose intolerant or dairy allergic?  You could get around the lactose intolerance with higher safety and probably lower cost of generic lactase than the other way around.  Few with lactose intolerance must avoid as if they were allergic because it's a digestive issue with a well known, safe and effective solution in lactase.

He is lactose intollerant and fish allergic.  Unfortunatly he gets stomach pains from milk even with lactaid or drinking lactose free milk.   He does ok with lactose free yougurt and hard cheese - all other dairy upsets his stomach.  I am concerned that he isn't getting enough calcium.  thanks!

Carlson's for Kids calcium citrate.  Expensive, but they advertise top 8 free.  I can't speak for the facilities.

I just make sure that it says Calcium Carbonate.  That way you know it's not clam shells or anything.....but it usually lists 'may contain' if it is shellfish-derived.  Has he been tested?  I only ask because I wouldn't think that finned fish allergy would cause allergic reaction to this....but shellfish would (oyster shell calcium, for example).


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