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FARE Webinar: Dorm Life and Dining Plans: Planning for College with FAs



This was amazing. I'm so glad they did it before we got there.  They talked about the different places to go to get accommodations, self-advocacy--strategies for eating safely in a dining hall and what to avoid (that are specific to college).  They talked about how having more FAs is key to getting out of a meal plan. 

This was geared to teens. That is, I did not hear me addressed at all--they were talking to my high school kid, not me.  :thumbsup: 

The whole recorded webinar will be on their website in a week and the slides will also be available as a pdf. 

I will keep the slides.  There is amazing info there. 

And I will have DS and DH watch the webinar. 

Hoping to see the link to Webinar here soon . . . want to sit with both kids & DH to read and share.


I think link is here:


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