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To IOFC or not to IOFC tree nuts

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Had regular allergist's appointment yesterday with my now 11 year old who is restricted pn/tn/shellfish.  Her allergist offered food challenges for "a number of tree nuts that I think, based on her history, will pose no clinical problem to her."   He also indicated that folks go both ways in response to this offer - some choosing just to continue on nut free and others opting for the testing with the idea that knowing could broaden food horizons.

At the time, my thoughts were that almond could do a lot to broaden food horizons.  But, now I'm thinking the additions would all still be peanut risky and maybe the only benefit is at home. 

I still feel like we will go forward with a challenge, but maybe I have overestimated the changes that might come therefrom.

Anyone been through this and have any insights? 

I grew up assuming allergies to tree nuts because the doc was afraid to test me, but testing twice in my 20's has proven I'm not. It does open up quite a few options of the "may contain" variety. I'm too nervous to actually try them flat out, but I definitely eat the may contains now because the odds the particles of tree nut in a may contain being contaminated with enough peanut to throw me into a reaction is just infinitesimal (I have a relatively high threshold). Like I've eaten rolls out of a basket that includes bread with walnuts and have no trouble, and Famous Amos and Two Bite brands are others that have may contain TN but not PN.

Thank you.  Yes, I suppose it could open up to may contains - good point.

Being able to add tree nuts one by one has been life changing for DS.  Yes, we all could have gotten along fine without nuts forever, but having almonds, pecans and pistachios has been very nice. They are a source of protein and a healthy snack.  We use pecans in cooking. And really, we have Blue Diamond almonds in our house all the time.  He loves the Blue Diamond crackers.  I cried in the store the first time I bought them.

I just came to this forum to post a new (to me) source of peanut free walnuts, cashews, pecans, almonds and pistachios. We rarely have walnuts and cashews because we've only been able to buy them by mail, but I am excited that I can get this brand at TJ's and Whole Foods. 

I think it really depends on your kiddo's comfort zone, but DS was that age when he started to outgrow other tree nuts other than pecans (outgrew those earlier), and it's really been wonderful for him (and for us, too).

Thanks Mac.  Yes, I will be nice to have nuts even if it is just at home.

Her blood work came back with an invitation to schedule an IOFC "for: Tree Nuts (except cashew/pistachio)"  I'm not sure what this means??  ie - am I to pick one or are we going to challenge a bunch at once?  Challenging a bunch seems crazy right?  But, we are talking about really low numbers - with two exceptions - under 1.0.  Her shellfish numbers have all come down a lot too!  I'm trying not to read too much into the fact that he keeps running her shellfish and adding in other items, but I can't help it.  Perhaps it was just a perfect day, though because her peanut number came in a 93.6 which is the lowest reading she's ever had, I believe - she's generally in the 180 range.

Anyway, no reason I need to know right away - challenge is on the books for October, 2016!  I can already taste the triple nut cranberry pies I will bake for Christmas!


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