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Re: Questions that don't need their own thread.

Here's a link for now

Here's what we ended up with. It basically says he's allergic to all nuts ("dried fruits and fruits with husks"), "basically all sorts of nuts" then lists individual examples in parenthesis and says nut pastes and oils flours. (He says he doesn't really know if this is completely correct French-wise). The rest is from CM2s cards. I made it small enough to fit on a credit-card sized card stock.

J'ai une allergie mortelle aux fruits secs (fruits à coques) et aux cacahuètes/arachides--en bref, toutes les sortes de noix (l'amande, le noix de cajou/l'anacarde, le marronnier, la noisette, le noix de pécan, etc.), leur huiles, leurs pâtes, et leurs farines.
C’est une condition très grave. Je risque mourir si je mange cette nourriture, si un plat est préparé avec de l’huile qui contient cet aliment, ou si il y a contact avec cet aliment pendant la préparation ou le service.
Pouvez-vous préparer à manger pour moi?

It's okay, but really choppy.  And is he only allergic to some nuts? I would list all nuts on the list that may be a problem.  Don't leave it to someone to guess what may be included in 'etc'. 

Why the dried fruits and fruits with husks?  (What are fruits with husks, anyway?)  Is he actually allergic to them, or is this somehow related to nuts, because I don't see the connection, language-wise or allergy-wise (other than cross-contact).  If they are separate, you may want to include examples. 

I am not sure you need to mention oils twice (in the food preparation), as it may take away from the long list above. 

Just some thoughts.

One other factor to bear in mind with chef cards in ANY location globally is that kitchen staff, waitstaff, and/or food service workers in general may not be entirely fluent in the locally prevailing language.

In United States cities, for example, you'd want language on Chef Cards to be in VERY simple, plain English.  Choppy is good in that case-- because many of those who will need to read it?  Have not-so-awesome English skills, and may have Spanish (or another language) as a first language.

There are also quite different dialects of French, Spanish, and English in different regions of the world, and in different parts of the same nation, even.

The dry fruit with husks thing  (fruits secs (fruits à coques))is another description for nuts apparently. It's just not possible to list every nut that exists, so he used the "all sorts of nuts" phrase his professor suggested.


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