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Specific Food Allergies > Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy



Does anybody know which treenuts are cross-contamination potential?  I see A LOT of PA people using nutella. We have introduced my PA oldest to almonds and pistachios now, and I am working on finding the "next nut".  He never actually tested positive to treenuts except 1 little blip to 1 nut years and years ago.  But my younger tests positive so I never was willing to introduce before.  So far so good. But I want to introduce only 1 at a time :)


ONLY hazelnuts, as far as I'm aware-- and Nutella is huge, huge, huge business-- so it's really unlikely that there is anything else in there. 

Also-- filbert orchards don't tend to co-locate with any other kind of treenut.  The only other tree nuts that will even grow in the same climate are almonds (badly-- not, not, not commercially), and walnuts (which are harvested completely differently).

We're supposed to be introducing some new nuts so I've been looking into Ferrero this afternoon.  They are not super transparent.

I won't comment on peanuts since we are not PA. In case anyone reading this thread is TNA, I'll share what I found in that regard.  It looks to me like they do have other nuts in their plants (at least almond and coconut for now).  It took a bit of digging through industry newsletters to deduce this by the way, because Ferrero doesn't disclose much on their Web sites.

Now as to what is on the actual line itself with Nutella - I found no information on that. Nor did I find any information on whether or not the hazlenuts and almonds go through the same roaster.

This information is relevant to at least the US, Canada, and Australia.  I didn't look at other countries that produce Ferrero candies.   


Edited to add:  There are two similarly named companies: Ferrero and Ferrara.  I'm only talking about Ferrero here.

This old post was helpful to me today.  Just thought I'd say so.


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