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Cheese pizza challenge

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DS had a cheese pizza challenge and failed yesterday.  First teeny bite, and a few minutes later he was done.

He had a baked milk challenge a few years ago, but refuses to eat baked milk items.  Allergist agreed to do a cheese pizza challenge . . . she felt he had a chance of passing.  Nope.

  If he can start eating baked milk items and keep it up, she will consider doing the pizza challenge next summer.

Oh GP, I'm so sorry.  What were his symptoms?

Milk is such a doozy.  It's such a moving target.   :crossed: on baked.

 :grouphug: for GP and DS.  I cannot imagine how emotional a food challenge must be.  Keep your chin up - at least now you know for sure, which has some sort of reassurance in a way. 

Best of luck with the baked milk.  Hoping he can still tolerate baked milk after avoiding it for so long.

GP, I am so sorry about the failed pizza challenge.  :grouphug:  Both of my kids failed that one a year or so ago. Milk is such a hard allergy.  Its really difficult to not get your hopes up.   Our allergist insists that eating baked milk is very important.  I admit that I do not make the muffin recipe (let me know if you'd like the recipe) they gave me often enough but my kids do eat Nurtigrain Bars, Original Gold Fish, English Muffins, Aunt Jemima French Toast Sticks, etc.  DD is very adverse to eating the muffins - she convinces herself that she will react.  She has not.

DS is going for anther pizza challenge in August after failing a milk challenge in January.


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