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We just had a great trip to Ireland. The restaurants are very allergy aware. If you are going, pm me if you have questions. We went to Dublin, Cork, Kilkenney, Killarney, Kinsale, Bantry, and Galway. Flew on United. Not sure I have the time to write up a whole trip report yet, but I will try to.

DH and I are planning a trip for September. No allergy concerns - just looking for general tips and recommendations.  :)

Well, we're back, and while we traveled solo and DS wasn't with us, of course I was reading every label and scrutinizing every menu anyway.

I was blown away by the fantastic labeling both on food products, and on restaurant menus.  Most had a number system which alerted consumers to allergens present in foods.  I don't know how kitchens handle Xcontam concerns, but I was very impressed by the level of awareness. 

I don't know how easy it would be to travel there with a dairy or wheat allergy, but I think my DS's allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, chick peas) would be pretty easily accommodated.    :thumbsup:

So how were vegetarian options?

Resurrecting an old thread I found!

I'm going to Ireland with my family next July, woohoo! We're doing 2 weeks and have an expert tour guide (one my sister's friends is a hibernophile and has dozens of trips to his ancestral homeland. It'll be so much fun! Those are the best kinds of trips, I don't have to plan a thing!

Meanwhile -- I'm wondering if the situation of being very allergy aware has changed in the past 4 years. I'm guessing not.

We'll be in Dublin as a starting point, then to Cork (where my ancestral homeland is - a great grandparent immigrated to the US as an indentured servant, then rose up in the NYFD to a command position!), and then to Galway.

Any info? Yelloww I'd like to hear about your trip!


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