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Author Topic: AAAAI: Allergen Labels May Not Predict Food Content  (Read 1675 times)


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AAAAI: Allergen Labels May Not Predict Food Content
« on: September 09, 2011, 02:35:49 PM »
AAAAI: Allergen Labels May Not Predict Food Content

jw Posted: 03/22/09 at 03:14 pm     

AAAAI: Allergen Labels May Not Predict Food Content

Includes milk, egg and peanut data on testing products for with advisory labels. 

Posted: 03/22/09 at 07:36 pm       

To me this is HUGE!

It shows that in addition to the USDA/FDA? (can't remember now which one) studies that schools/parents/restaurants/caregivers




booandbrimom  Posted: 03/23/09 at 03:54 pm       

I can't say I'm really surprised by this. 25% of products contaminated with milk seems about right, based on all the mystery reactions we have.

I really don't understand why MORE people don't have crazy reactions like we do. Perhaps people just don't even attempt to use these processed foods? 

CMdeux  Posted: 03/23/09 at 04:06 pm       

I think it is a matter of reaction thresholds, Boo. Our community (as a whole) seems to draw those of us that have the lowest reaction thresholds. With that comes the most severe type of disease, as well. (For reasons that really are not at all clear.)

That, and, as you note, in the average day-- how many different food items we consume? Good luck even narrowing it down, most of the time. YK?

I also think that ignorance is bliss for a lot of people. Many people with food allergies never realize that they are just one meal like that away from a catastrophic reaction.

But that probably makes their lives a lot less stressful, I must say.

As I mentioned to someone else just today-- there really ARE some things I'm happier not knowing. LOL!