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Hi, New here


Hi, I am Gluten, Dairy, and Sulfite intolerant, with multiple food allergies, and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)  Unfortunately  it seems like people have no idea what Sulfites are, if you should happen to mention it, and recipes seem to have everything for Gluten, Dairy, Egg etc etc intolerances, but rarely is Sulfite mentioned, and I understand this, but it just makes things even harder. 

I discovered a month ago that I had this problem, and life has seemed a bit bleak afterwards, on top of this I really need to take a good probiotic but the two different brands I have tried seemed to make me feel quite ill, despite nothing on the bottle to indicate that there is anything in it that may cause me problems..and so I wondered if anyone could recommend a good probiotic, as that is important to me, as I have ulcerative colitis too.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Poppy and welcome!

The doctor who diagnosed your ulcerative colitis would be the best person to recommend the right probiotic for you, but our doctor has recommended Digestive Advantage gummies for us.  They don't seem to contain anything you're avoiding, so maybe they'd work for you? 

Just saying Hi and Welcome!

I agree with checking with your gastroenterologist on the probiotic, but also wanted to say hi and welcome! :bye:

Hi Thanks, I could speak with my GI, the gummie probiotics wouldnt work as they contain corn syrup and gelatin, both of which contain sulfites unfortunately, and they also contain soy, but thank you anway.


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