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Popcorn toppings


I am giving sisters's family a cool popcorn poper for Christmas. I thought of giving them some flavored toppings as well but need soy free are there any prepackaged popcorn seasonings out there that are soy safe. Was looking for things like Garlic pamagian, or Chili lime.

Not that I know of.  Soy is pretty ubiquitous in stuff like that.  You'd have to really search and just get lucky.

You could also buy really nice popcorn.  I use Yoder Popcorn.  I just ate a bowl of it, in fact.  (Okay, several large bowls, tossed with spiced clarified butter and parmesan and smoked salt).

I used to use Lehman/Amish Country Popcorn, but I started finding soybeans in the bags (after some scary mystery reactions).  I contacted them and they confirmed shared equipment. 


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