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Baked Milk/Cheese


I know there have been some members here on the past who have kids that did a 5 step (so to speak) route to outgrowing dairy...the first phase was milk baked in muffins, then pizza, then cooked milk, etc.  DS has successfully been eating pizza an was given the all clear to try baked macaroni and cheese.  The allergist said to use less milk than the recipe calls for.  I am at a loss bc I have never made mac and cheese and I don't have a recipe?  Is there anyone here who can help or give me some guidance?

We were advised by mt Sinai to use Amy's Mac and cheese. I over cook it a bit at 425 deg-- not recommended temp. It's become a lunch staple.

I might have a recipe too if I can find it.

Thank you!! 

Be careful if Tree Nuts are an issue. Many Amy's products are X-contaminated with tree nuts.


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