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Pre-pubescent girl with anaphylaxis (no known allergies)

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My ten year old daughter has been having anaphylaxis with no known allergies. First reaction was on January 3, second three days ago, on February 3.

Because we have had no signs in the past of sensitivities and because of the irony of the dates of the reactions, I'm wondering if it is possible that her estrogen level may have something to do with her new sensitivity/allergy.

Has anyone ever heard of this possibility?

No-- and I've looked, actually, because my daughter had cyclic reactions and was FAR more volatile for a while after she was mid-way through puberty.

Hormone levels may make women more likely to anaphylax, or do to so more severely, during some points during a menstrual cycle, but as far as I ever could find literature for it, there's nothing to suggest that they make anaphylaxis itself HAPPEN in the absence of another trigger.

Of course, new allergies during adolescence are a known thing. 

So-called idiopathic anaphylaxis is horrible.  I hope that you can figure out what the underlying trigger has been. 

^^ What CM said.  I was also going to suggest idiopathic anaphylaxis, which I hope is not the case.

Has she been seen by a board certified allergist?  Can you think of any commonalities between episodes?

We are in northern Ontario, Canada and are awaiting an appointment with a specialist.

There have been no correlation between the two episodes and each time nothing new was introduced. The most recent episode actually happened in her sleep. I am so thankful she woke up and realized what was happening.

How scary for you.  I hope you can get some answers soon.  :grouphug:


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