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Pre-pubescent girl with anaphylaxis (no known allergies)

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What about catamenial anaphylaxis?

She is approaching menarche. Could she be allergic to her own progesterone?

Just curious if you can tell me what ended up being the diagnosis with your daughter. My daughter is 12.5 and is currently experiencing
anaphylaxis with no known trigger. Symptoms occur about every 30 days. Allergist has been unable to pinpoint any correlation in diet
between episodes. We've had her allergy tested and no positive results. Diagnosis is idiopathic anaphylaxis. Currently taking a daily antihistamine
and have an Epi on hand. Have had to use Epi once and call the squad. 

My Daughter was the same, but started at 13. No issues but then started having severe abdominal issues, then progressed to anaphylaxis. Spent 5 years testing for various issues. Found out that she has an anaphylactic allergy to sulphites and even reacting to the sulphites in the EPIPEN. We eliminated those from her diet and she has been fine for the last month. Went through 5 years of hell. Can't figure out why this was not previously presented as an option.


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