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Specific Food Allergies > Milk Allergy

Is it possible to be allergic to milk only in large quantities?


Hello. I've avoided milk despite it never showing positive on skin prick tests. The reactions to milk were a mystery until I learned I have a corn allergy. The vitamin D added to dairy is made from corn, explaining my reactions.

So with some hard searching at my local organic food store I was able to find "just milk". No added vitamins. Excited to be drinking milk again I started slow. Drink a half a glass a day. Then drinking a glass a day. Then one day I decided to drink one and a half glasses of milk. After that half glass I got a strange feeling headache and trouble focusing with my eyes. I ignored it chalking it up to anxiety. Then 2-3 hours later i noticed a weird looking rash down my forearms. Then soon after followed nausea, very tight breathing, sore throat, feeling like I'm going to pass out.

It was really scary and I felt like I was going to die. This happened after I took a 50mg liquid benadryl dose. I had my mom drive me to the ER with my epipen in hand. Waited in the parking lot and let it pass (our ER is useless at treating allergic reactions).

If I had an allergy, wouldn't it get me after one sip of the milk? Is there such thing as an allergy "threshold"?

I've always believed "allergic means allergic"; no qualifiers.

What does you allergist think?

I agree with that. Maybe it was a coincidence? But I thought I'd ask. It was probably some fragrance at the mall I was at or something. Those do seem to mess me up


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