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Dairy Anaphylaxis vs. Lactose Intolerance


I didn't see any link to something that would fit this need.

Here is what would need:

Comparison in clear terms of Dairy Anaphylaxis vs Lactose Intolerance.
Want to highlight what dairy ana IS so far as life-threatening, etc so to clear up misunderstandings as to the conditions being same / similar and misunderstanding as to Dairy Ana not being life-threatening.

Can someone help with this?

Any / all links would be great.

Has anyone ever created their own chart of comparison to use to educate school or others or have something from allergist that would be helpful and you could share?


My iPad is only letting me post one link at a time...

I found two more that were ok but from sources I wouldn't recommend. Many others were too vague or misleading.



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