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Hi! My son is 14 months old and allergic to eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. I am searching for safe brands of packaged food to keep on hand for him to eat. Particularly struggling to find pasta and bread products (English muffins, etc)

Have you looked at Pepperidge Farms breads? (no english muffins with them)

That is the brand we have used for many years - including before my DD could eat baked egg (she can not eat direct egg, but has grown up to be able to tolerate egg mixed with wheat and cooked at a high temp).  We have the added issue of sesame. 

I trust Pepperidage Farms labels, but you should call to determine if you trust them for your child.

Major manufacturers have different bakeries in different areas of the country, it is possible for something to be safe out of one bakery that distributes to one area of the country, and not safe in another.  (this has even historically happened with things like Girl Scout Cookies!)

Watch rolls as they can be brushed with an egg wash (think shiny dinner rolls).  They do that for "beauty" as well as to hold seeds on the rolls.

Thank you for your reply! I am learning a lot by calling the specific manufacturers. It's exhausting! Pepperidge farm doesn't label for cross contact/ "may contain". My little guy is very sensitive to eggs and cannot eat them in baked goods either. I have a bread maker and make homemade bread mostly, but would love to find a store bought one I could trust.

We have a member, CMdeux, with a DD who was highly sensitive to even minute traces of egg.  I know she's very busy IRL right now, but she might have some good suggestions for you.  I'll send her a PM, so she knows to look for your posts next time she's here.

Thank you! That would be great!


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