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Egg Baked Food Challenge

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After 4+ years with no reactions and lower test numbers, our 15 year old completed his challenge yesterday.  It was heartbreaking.  Several hours, and 2 muffins later, he completed the challenge.  However, he started experiencing stomach aches with approx. 3 doseages left.  Empty stomach and lot of water plus muffins were some possible causes.  With a stomach ache and being told he passed we were given a sheet saying which foods with eggs he could try.  We went out to the SUV and he laid down in the seat.  Said stomach was hurting and just wanted to lay there.  As a Dad I said we have to go back in.  Epi, Prednesone and about 3 minutes later stomach pains subsided.  Told to shred the sheet with foods with eggs.  Devastating!!!!! Anybody with similar story? 

We had another member with a very similar story just this week.  I'm so sorry for your son's failed challenge.  :-[

I'm so sorry. It can be really hard emotionally to go through a challenge--and especially to fail it. :-/

Yep, thing is I think he is taking it better than my wife and I.  His younger brother, 12, has same egg allergy and at 15 says, well, I don't miss something I never had.  Hopefully both can pass eventually.  I have been reading similar stories with almost identical symptoms with the challenge.  Whoever has one coming up soon, good luck.


 :grouphug:  I'm so sorry, kwc.   I do sometimes think that we were SO blessed to have an allergist that didn't push for an 'unconditional' pass or fail on a challenge. 

DD would never have passed a full challenge initially.  Not a chance.


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