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Alcohols to avoid with a severe Nut and Peanut allergy?

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I've limited myself to Jack Daniels and coke and Southern Comfort over the last few years and somehow survived. Accidentally had Amaretto the other day whilst drunk and not knowing what it was.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tempted to attack a Smirnoff Ice in a bit because it's so hot, though am unsure about it still. I wish Alcohols had ingredients and allergy warnings on them like foods do.

First of all, welcome! It's awful how alcohol doesn't have to be labeled.

There is better bourbon to have that I can't imagine would be any less safe than JD.

I will look for a thread we have on this.

See this:

Also see these:

You've been lucky with Southern Comfort. It supposedly contains tree nut derivatives. I imagine since it usually contains apricot, it's probably almond, since the two tend to be interchangeable (lots of artificial almond extracts are made from apricot).

Oh, but in answer to your question, so far I haven't run into any Smirnoff Ice flavors that weren't safe. So far so good on Mike's Hard varieties as well.  :cocktail:


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