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Alcohols to avoid with a severe Nut and Peanut allergy?

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Any allergies besides Tree Nuts?


These are supposed to be safe for pa and tna:

Tito's Vodka
New Belgium beer
Corona beer

Of note --- in bars getting a hard alcohol mixed drink is a risk factor because of how bartenders "wash" the mixing devices. Rather...not wash. They usually just get a spray or rinse of water, so allergens can remain. Same with any blender drinks.

So - be sure to order your drink at the actual bar and with the actual bartender. Explain you are allergic to some alcohols with nut derivatives. Ask for your drink to be mixed in your actual drinking glass or a completely clean/fresh mixer.

There are some microbeers or specialty brewers that use actual nuts in their beer. "Nut brown ale" doesn't mean it contains nuts (it's about the color) but I have seen a "Black walnut beer" that had actual walnuts used in the brewing process.

good luck!

I know this is an old post, but I want to chime in on the washing of glasses and cups.
I work at a country club and often help wash wine glasses.  I would never, ever drink from a glass that was washed by the bartender.  There's too many risks.  The glass is dipped in a water (that doesn't get changed too often through out the day), then gets placed on a big sponge like thing that spins.  Then rinsed and wiped down with a rag that has probably wiped many other glasses down.

This is an obvious one, but today when I was looking for a specific bourbon at the liqour store, I noticed a bottle of peanut butter whiskey.

Which I did not buy.  Even for someone who is not allergic to peanuts, that does not sound delicious.


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