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Alcohols to avoid with a severe Nut and Peanut allergy?

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There is a local brewery next to my work, and they make and sell peanut butter porter beer - it sounds disgusting.

For peanut and treenut free alcohol, I work in a restaurant with a bar, so I've called on a couple things.
Decoy Wines (So I've been told)
Angry Orchard hard Cider (they just use apples from different locations)
All of Mike's Hard
White Claw

Again, you may need to check again but these are the ones I've attempted to contact..


--- Quote from: Janelle205 on August 15, 2019, 11:48:42 PM ---This is an obvious one, but today when I was looking for a specific bourbon at the liqour store, I noticed a bottle of peanut butter whiskey.

Which I did not buy.  Even for someone who is not allergic to peanuts, that does not sound delicious.

--- End quote ---

It was probably Screwball.  My bar has just brought that on and I may have thrown a tiny fit about it.  They know how I am with my allergies.

Also, some others to avoid:
Beefeater Gin
Bombay Gin

Due to almond so I've read.

Oh, that sounds disgusting to this bourbon lover.

DS has had Loon Juice cider. It's local so may not be down there. It's made from Honeycrisp apples, and OMG now I want one RIGHT NOW, but it's only 1:00 pm.


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