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Instant Pot!

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I got this one for $69.95:

I was told the only thing I am missing is the yogurt function.  I have made yogurt, and it is easy enough without a special pot, bot for the expense if making it, it is just as easy for me to buy it, since I like the Greek yogurt.  By the time I strained mine, it was not all that much and at a high cost, since I used organic milk, and also time consuming to strain, and clean up.  I just buy it. 

Nameless, that is the one I have.

Becca, there are yogurt directions for yours. I'm ooimg to try yogurt one of these days when I have time. I buy a lot so it would be worth it.

Every time I see the title of the thread, a different thought comes into my mind.  One involving fast-growing plants that are only legal in a few states.

I spewed liquid on my phone screen HH.

I called DS yesterday to ask him if the pressure cooker we bought him a few years ago was by any chance the Instant Pot, and he confirmed it was.  He's never used the slow cooker function, only the rice and pressure cooker.  I asked him about sauteeing, and he said it's difficult because the bottom is curved and it requires more oil than usual?

I have to say I'm intrigued - I would have loved to have dinner ready faster last night!


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