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Instant Pot!

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Just putting this here for future reference:

Posting for future.

I miss beef stew, but the only beef I can eat is ground beef. (Quality of beef doesnít matter. And I do realize how weird this sounds, but a support group Iím in it appears this is very common.)

This is for dinner tonight. Pretty much the same as my chicken noodle soup, but rice instead of noodles.

EDITED TO ADD:  I cooked the veggies the same as when I make with noodles. And I didnít add water, all liquid I added was chicken broth. It was good, but flavour was not as strong as with noodles. Needs more seasoning added to veggies and/or chicken.

Made this tonight and everyone liked it. And it's a little bit different than anything else I make.

Wow, that looks good.  :yes:


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