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New OIT101 informational site: desensitization treatment for food allergies

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Created by food allergy parents for food allergy parents: a comprehensive 400+ page website all about OIT / oral immunotherapy. OIT or desensitization is a food allergy treatment performed by board-certified allergists in their practices. There are over 65 allergists on the list. Over 80% of OIT families have insurance coverage.

One stop to be able to learn about OIT, read hundreds of media stories and medical journal articles about OIT.

Take a tour:

Find a doctor: Search by allergen, state, doctor name and/or whether they offer multi-allergen options: Need coconut in Illinois? (Dr. Bajowala). Shellfish in Michigan? (Dr. Mayer), Multi-allergen therapy for tree nuts anywhere in the US? (24 doctors come up).

Research & Learn Library: over 400 news stories, media coverage and medical journal articles. Yes, for real. I am still loading some journal articles in. One stop shopping.

FAQs / Q&A: answers to common questions about OIT.

Top 10 OIT Myths: the things we explain over and over. All the misinformation

Join our OIT Community  The website means people can do OIT on their own, they don't need our support groups any more! But if they want more support they are welcome in the Facebook OIT groups:
Find an OIT board-certified allergist:  See the Google map and find an allergist near you

Google Map of allergist offices:     You can also post the Google map directly...

OIT Success Stories: read real stories from patients who have completed OIT

OIT Family Blogs: a list of 50 OIT family blogs of journeys through OIT

Take your time working through the material at your own pace. There is support from thousands of other families if you have questions or need to watch people going through treatment.

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Quoted Tweet by Stacey Sturner @FATreatmenttalk, 8/14/16 to Dr. Dave Stukus:

--- Quote ---@AllergyKidsDoc FYI, In case you didn't see that you're quoted:  oit101.org

--- End quote ---

In case the webpage gets changed, the link listed in that Tweet for page Home/Knowledge Base/OIT: The Only Proven Treatment     {oit101 dot org}   shows the following:

--- Quote ---"In our world of instant access to contless internet resources ad social media groups, I believe it is more important than ever to rely on evidence-based information when making decisions about one's health."  -- Dr. Daveid Sukus, board-cdertified allergist in a guest post.

--- End quote ---

So, then there was this Tweet

Dr. Dave Stukus' Tweet response (@AllergyKidsDoc) 8/14/16  11:30AM

--- Quote ---@FAtreatmenttalk    wow-- thank you for informing me.  That was used without my knowledge or permission.  Lifted from another resource.  Ugh.

--- End quote ---

Stacey Sturner replies with Tweet

--- Quote ---Sorry, I figured.

--- End quote ---

In another Tweet, Dr. Dave Stukus says this about that same OIT101 website:

--- Quote ---thanks for sharing -- interesting website.  Is anyone discussing the biased presentation of information?

--- End quote ---

More in those Twitter convo's . . . worth a read . . .

My understanding is that at the FABlogCon in November there will be discussion about this biased site and the incredibly HIDEOUS behavior by some of the mommies who set up that site and who are running some of the Facebook pages that do not allow for truly open discussion and research on the topic of OIT . . . to include how these same mommies set up fake Facebook pages (peanut allergy support / food allergy support) to look like other 10,000-strong groups already in existence. . . and how they attack those in patch trials and other treatments . . .

Watch here to see what may be discussed:


Thanks, ajas.  I did fully review Dr. Stukus' Twitter feed on the subject (with some tea  :coffee:).  Someone get that poor man some Rolaids and whiskey neat.

It has come to light that this same OIT group has begun an ongoing fundraising campaign (Aug 2016) and it seems has not been entirely truthful about the organization:

TO DATE, there does not appear to be ANY DOCUMENTATION that the group is a bonafide, recognized 501(c)3 even though their promoters claim "nonprofit" and insinuate tax-exempt status on par with REAL charitable nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.

Bottom line?  Buyer Donor beware.


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