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Tree Nut Component Testing

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Just got the call, DD has been approved to have Tree Nut component testing!  I forget which tree nuts the allergist said we will test, we talked about it back in the early Spring.  We get to swing by the lab at our earliest convenience.

It is a 3rd party lab doing the testing so the nurse does not know how long it will take for results.

Very good, we will be asking about it at DS's allergy appt in November.

Results are in and I have not had a chance to look at the individual tests (our records are online) but when I do I can add more detail..  The general letter emailed from the allergist last night says DD is not allergic to the high risk components of walnut or brazil nut.  She wants to office challenge walnut.  DD remains highly allergic to cashew and hazelnut and must avoid those.

Need to look at call and set up a challenge......behind on today's doings.

I'd be interested in knowing how things go for your DD.... especially the numbers related to walnut and if after you look through the results you still feel like doing an in office challenge. 

I went into our online account and her test results are not posted.  The lab that did the results is a 3rd party so I will ask for a copy of the results when I call on Monday to discuss a walnut challenge.


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