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Started by Forever Blue, March 10, 2017, 02:20:46 PM

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Forever Blue

Did I suddenly develop allergies and NOT bronchitis as originally diagnosed?  I recently turned 42 & never had any allergies, asthma, respiratory issues, etc. in my life.  When I had a dr appt for (what the ER I went to said was) bronchitis (even though I have NO cough, runny nose, flu, etc.) for a closed-throat feeling that came on out of the blue one day, I took a blood test to see if I had any food allergies. The results came back that I'm allergic to:

class 1

class 2

I love seafood, so I guess this means ALL seafood, period?   I can live without eating peanuts since I don't like them anyway, but so many things have wheat, soy, peanut oil, and corn products.

Does this mean I can't eat sandwiches, tortillas, pasta/noodles, pizza, and more?! 

How does one adjust to this? This is all new to me.

I've suffered almost 1.5 mos now with a combo here & there of:

closed-throat feeling
nasal congestion
bronchi in lungs feeling inflamed/swollen

I'm so, so tired of feeling this way. :(  I planned to ask about seeing an allergist and wanted to find out more about all-natural rememdies.  I have dr appt #2 later TODAY.  I'm looking for any answers!!!


I'm sorry you're suffering!  Hopefully you'll get some easy to deal with answers, soon.

1.  It depends on what type of allergy testing you had whether your results mean anything.  Even the gold-standard tests are only about 50% accurate for positive results.  It is very unlikely you are actually allergic to everything you tested positive for (and I hope for your sake most if not all are false positive results).

2.  The foods you need to avoid really are dependent on what you're actually allergic to.  If you are eating a food without acute symptoms, it would be presumed that you are not allergic. 

3.  There is no all-natural remedy for food allergies other than complete avoidance of the allergic food(s).

4.  Yes, please see a board certified allergist!  He or she will be able to help you determine if your symptoms are, indeed, due to a IgE mediated food allergy.

Hope you get some answers soon!  Once you know for sure which (if any) foods you need to avoid we can help you with that, too!
DS - peanut, tree nut, milk, eggs, corn, soy, several meds, many environmentals. Finally back on Xolair!
DD - mystery anaphylaxis, shellfish.
DH - banana/avocado, aspirin.  Asthma.
Me - peanut, tree nut, shellfish, banana/avocado/latex,  some meds.

Forever Blue

Thanks for your post.  The only thing I actually feel a reaction to are dairy products (I get gas, so nothing severe).  Milk was on the results, but so minute that it doesn't matter.

I'm back from the dr.  She even gave me an EKG to rule out anything to do with the heart and that was normal! 

She said the food allergies are so minor that she didn't see the need for an allergist. 

My MAIN concern is a combo of the feeling that lungs need to expand more, closed-throat feeling, & labored breathing/shortness of breath throughout these almost 1.5 mos.  Its felt at times like my lungs need more air like they need to expand more is the best way to explain it.

I got 4 more prescriptions today:

1) Omeprazole - for acid reflux/digestion - I don't think I need to take that
2)  Epi-pen - to take as needed, probably won't have to take
3)  Prim...zine - for runny nose/cough - I haven't had either so I probably won't take this...unless it's good for nasal congestion, is it?
4)  Asmanex Twisthaler - to take as needed

If none of that works, she'll refer me to an pulmonologist.


Do you suddenly get a tight chest, difficulty breathing, etc. immediately after eating or is it a more constant thing?  Food allergy reactions are typically very sudden to present themselves, require emergency medical attention, and don't last days or weeks, though other side effects such a minor reactions, fatigue and anxiety can last for a week or two.

Has your doctor tested you for asthma?  Lactose intolerance?

Why did your doctor think you had allergies in the first place? What type of testing did they do? (Corn isn't typically on the food allergy test where I live.)

If you were prescribed an epiPen did you also get an action plan on when to use it? If not, and you should see one anyway if someone suspects you have allergies, you need to see an allergist.

We aren't doctors here and can only offer suggestions. I hope you get some answers soon. Best of luck.
ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum

Forever Blue

OP back.  I appreciate the comments!

No no kind of effects after I eat.  No test for asthma, I guess that's the pulmonologist's job if I get referred for one.  So far, I had a chest x-ray & EKG, which were normal to rule out anything w/ those areas.  The blood test tested for food allergies.  In continuation from my previous 2 post re: the food allergies, the dr said they were so minor that it's not like I have to avoid those foods, so I feel better about that part. 

I can definitely live without peanut butter/peanuts.  I don't even like it.  I may eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich once every 2-3 yrs, but I don't even have to do that.
Re: soy, I know soy isn't that good for you, so I'll keep avoiding that as much as possible like I've been doing.

Is an Epi-pen a needle?  I don't even know since I never had to use one before.


The doctor prescribed an epi-pen and didn't even tell you when or how to use it?

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

There are instructions included.

You should also contact the company that makes them yo get a trainer. It is the autoinjector with no sharpie (needle) and no medicine.

Forever Blue

No, she didn't tell me how to use it.  I guess she figured the pharmacist will tell me how & I could look up youtube vids about it myself too.  But that's pretty risky of her since I was told by a couple acquaintances that you have to call 911 when using the Epi-pen & if so, I really don't need to use it. I haven't had any reactions to any foods, bee stings, etc. at all, except some gas to dairy products the last 1-2 yrs.

I guess the dr wanted to try giving me various things to see if they'll work.  This is a new dr, which I just started going to due for this ordeal.  I noticed she's NOT an MD.  She has a D.O. after her name.  I looked up what that was & it seems just as good if not better.

I kept a DAILY log of how I've been feeling, but these are the main events below:

Jan 23 - 1st symptom of very restless sleep due to upper back pain that night, but felt more internal like behind breastbone area, every position I moved in bed was painful. Rest of wk was no problem.

Jan 30 - Nasal congestion & 1st time ever of throat-closed up feeling, restless nights' sleep

Feb 1 - Went to ER due to mod/heavy sinus congestion, closed-throat feeling, & hard time breathing. Diagnosed w/ viral bronchitis. Given generic of Flonase & Zirtec.
Feb 21 - Dr appt #1 & given steroid shot & nebulizer ventrilator treatment of liquid med, chest x-ray, & blood test (to see about any food allergies), got 3 new meds:

1) Amox-Clav (antibiotics)
2) Methylprednisolone - 6-day supply, worked some, not obvious improvement
3) Ventolin HFA inhaler - used 2x so far, helped a bit

Mar 1 - Starting to finally feel better
Mar 10 - Dr appt #2, given EKG to rule that out, was normal. Also:
1) Omeprazole - for acid reflux/digestion - I don't think I need to take that
2) Epi-pen - to take as needed, probably won't have to take
3) Prim...zine - for runny nose/cough - I haven't had either so I probably won't take this...unless it's good for nasal congestion, is it?
4) Asmanex Twisthaler - to take as needed

Re: Asmanex Twisthaler - I watched a couple youtube vids on how to use because she just handed me that without telling me how it works. And I guess I use this now in place of the Ventolin HFA inhaler

MY MAIN CONCERN - My breathing, which at times feels like the lungs need to expand more &/or that I need more air.  So I'd actually like to see a pulmonologist much more rather than an allergist.

Also, I never had asthma nor been tested for it, but I'm starting to wonder if I have developed this.


Honestly, this forum is no substitute for receiving adequate medical care from your network of physicians and specialists. We are here to offer support and advice, absolutely, but cannot help you with a diagnosis.  I would seek another opinion from a different doctor (MD or GP this time) who can take the time to explain everything to you, connect the links between your symptoms and tests to the medications they prescribe (and how to take those medications), and refer you to the appropriate specialists. 

It's probably not what you want to hear, but I sincerely hope you can find a new doctor that will give you adequate help and answers. 
ANA peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, potato, sorghum

Forever Blue

Thanks again.  Since I noticed that DO behind her name, which I didn't know when I was picking her, I may have to pick an MD soon.

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to take prescription meds.  I try to find all-natural remedies as much as I can.  Over this past weekend, I found out about these tablets called ClearLungs made from Chinese herbs that they sell at a certain health store & I started taking those since Sunday, March 12th.

I've finally really been feeling like I'm on the way to getting back to normal the last 2-3 days!  Today though, I requested that my dr move forward w/ the pulmonologist referral.  I want to see if I've developed asthma.

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