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Specific Food Allergies > Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy

Curious, how many people with a PA tolerate/trust peanut oil?

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So, my wife and daughter eat from time to time at Chik-fil-a, which cooks everything in peanut oil.  I avoid hugging or anything until after they have washed their hands,  but I'm wondering if I'm being way over paranoid.  I'm also allergic to sunflower, and I have reacted in the past to sunflower oil and lecithin, but never risked anything peanut.  (Not anaphylactic to peanut afaik, I just get severe hives over most of my skin for a week or two)

Just curious if others with a PA avoid the oil like the plague, or if most can handle it like the FDA claims.

We avoid like the plague.  For a multitude of reasons, including safety.

We also have sunflower allergies on our list... so.... given that it is one of yours too, some of the reasons that sunflower oil becomes an issue also crosses over as to why peanut oil would be an issue.  I figure you get that, or most anyone with allergies dealing with a world where it is increasingly trendy to have a variety of oils from seeds and nuts being used that weren't necessarily used before ..... so many "expeller" this or "cold-pressed" that... or some new seed or nut oil in a salad dressing or drizzled on something or cooked in whatever.

And, with these great new gourmet food treatments using oils comes the possibility of proteins from the seeds & nuts still floating around in what might be something safe but for that tiny little deadly detail. 

So..... why chance it?  I mean, maybe if someone is a "may contains" eater or a "processed in the same facility" or "manufactured on shared lines"..... maybe they risk it.  I don't know.  But, we've had enough evidence from our own experiences, including with fast food restaurants, that it isn't worth it.

We sort of keep it simple.  If nuts can kill you, we don't split hairs on how close to the line we play it, and just avoid it all ... no finesse or nuance.     

I echo everything gvmom says - not worth the risk! 

Thanks for the feedback.  I guess I'm just getting tired of feeling like some paranoid hypochondriac.  Esp when you read about "highly refined oils" being safe for allergies.  Yet the same idiots who claim that, aka the FDA, don't require anyone to list how the oils in our food we're refined.   

I react to highly refined peanut oil, so I avoid it (obviously).  But, even if I had a higher reaction threshold, I'd still avoid for all the reasons gvmom pointed out.


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