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Curious, how many people with a PA tolerate/trust peanut oil?

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Oh wow, thank you StridAst. I need to look into this more. So much seems to be spot on after initial skimming.

I booked a tree nut challenge for September so I have until then to gather info to talk to the allergist about this.

Do you mind if I start a dedicated thread for this? I know we have chatted a bit in the thread about EE and a lot of what you said there also hit home. I would love to try to make a clearinghouse thread to explore how all of this stuff is related. I have many questions! I also think I need to summarize my own history so I can see it better and would be interested in comparing notes with you about your journey in all this (as much as you are comfortable sharing).

You are of course welcome to start a thread on this.  I will contribute as I can.

Thank you! I copied the last three posts to EE and/or Mast Cell Disorders in Adults


--- Quote from: StridAst on July 09, 2017, 06:21:42 PM ---Thanks for the feedback.  I guess I'm just getting tired of feeling like some paranoid hypochondriac.  Esp when you read about "highly refined oils" being safe for allergies.  Yet the same idiots who claim that, aka the FDA, don't require anyone to list how the oils in our food we're refined.

--- End quote ---

I'm not nearly as careful as I used to be, but that said, I would not risk peanut oil. I don't trust that the average restaurant, cafe, etc. knows the difference between refined and unrefined peanut oil. Not worth the risk.

We allow Chik-fil-a when she will be within our supervision.  DD is 13.  Although her numbers are high - her threshold appears to be quite high as well.  And, we only have PN, some shellfish and some treenut to worry over.


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