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Watermelon Challenge

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Per the encouragement of our allergist, after DD passed a sunflower seed open challenge in the office, we did a home Watermelon Challenge.

After 3 years of allergy shots anda few tree nuts no longer being an issue (she passed office open challenges), the doctor looked at test results for melon that have continued to drop and said if DD had a reaction to melon it would be oral allergy symptoms not anaphylaxis.  She encouraged us to try watermelon but only if we try it now, not in the summer during ragweed season.

So this morning we did, and DD passed!  She likes it and is so happy cause that is one of the few fruits she can get at school.  She is sick of eating apples.

I'm not sure if she wants to try cantaloupe, but maybe next weekend.  I watched her have anaphylaxis to that, that one will be harder for me.

But very happy for all of us.  I adore grilled watermelon!

Congrats to your DD!

I'd still worry about cross contamination with watermelon prep. 

Yay for DD!!!

Thatís wonderful!!


--- Quote from: gvmom on January 13, 2018, 11:48:01 AM ---Congrats to your DD!

I'd still worry about cross contamination with watermelon prep.

--- End quote ---

Apparently at school they have this thing (think huge bread slicer) that they stuff the watermelon in and it comes out sliced.  Only use it for watermelon.

Pineapples, cantaloupes and honey dew go in some other machine that cores and skins them and then they are chopped up.


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