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Watermelon Challenge

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Hurray!!  :happydance:

Apparently at school they have this thing (think huge bread slicer) that they stuff the watermelon in and it comes out sliced.  Only use it for watermelon.

I wonder if that is only an institutional thing that can be found or if regular people can get one.  We love watermelon and it is one of the few fruits all the boys will eat.... but it is such a mess to prep.  The idea of being able to put a watermelon in a machine and having it come out prepped sounds awesome!

This the one I have seen...

Since I still have a numb area on my left index finger, an automatic slicer for watermelon sounds good to me.

After this weekend's home food challenge, DD is now eating Cantaloupe and Pineapple!!!!!

Huge!  Huge!

Her list is shrinking!  We will challenge Pistachio at the allergist's office in June.

I do wonder what will happen if she ever stops getting allergy shots.


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