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Author Topic: Folic Acid Exposure In Utero Is Associated With Development Of Food Allergy  (Read 3168 times)

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I saw this the other day and was floored.  Like many here, I am forever curious as to how I have a daughter with food allergies when neither myself nor my husband has them.  I have never subscribed to the GMO food or the hygiene theory ... it just does not fit in with our PERSONAL picture (not to say these theories are incorrect, but neither has resonated with me).  Previous to this, I was fully convinced it was a course of early antibiotics that my daughter was prescribed for an infection (administered without a course of probiotics ... dumb me!) that was the cause.  This gives me reason for pause ... as an "older mother" (I was almost 37 when I had my PA firstborn), the doctors pushed the prenatal vitamins, and folic acid in particular, with a fervor unlike anything I've seen.  After all, us "ancient" moms may have babies with neural tube defects if we do not take them!  Coincidentally, I do not remember being nearly as religious with the prenatal vitamins with my 2nd, whom I had at 40 and who has NKA. 

Just some food for thought ... pun intended!