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are these crustaceans safe to eat with a shrimp allergy?

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so I was diagnosed with a severe dust mite allergy and specific shrimp ONLY allergy. I am only allergic to shrimp not crustaceans in general.

I wanted to know if crawfish and languistinos are safe to eat?

are these a type of shrimp or lobster?

are these safe to eat or are they not safe to eat?

Well, that really depends. Were you tested for them specifically and know you arenít allergic to either crawfish or langostinos?

Crawfish/crayfish/crawdads are not lobster and theyíre not shrimp. Itís the same for langostinos.

I have a shellfish allergy, and I havenít been tested for langostinos, but because I am allergic to shrimp and lobster, thereís no way I would try it.

Depending on your sensitivity, even if you arenít allergic to those things, you may have to worry about cross contact with shrimp at restaurants and even at grocery stores.

I was tested for most food allergies including crustacean, shrimp was the only thing that tested positive, lobster and crab and other shellfish were unchecked and marked as not allergic. crawfish and languistinos were not on or part of that test.

That seems like some very specific testing regarding the things tested for, but the results being checked yes or no seems really general. I've never had testing that gave results in that format.  What type of test was it?  Have you had reactions to shrimp?  Reaction history always trumps testing because even the most reliable tests are only about 50% accurate for positives. (Negatives can be up to 90% accurate)

well, the test I had was a blood food allergy test. plus a skin test. skin test said I was severely allergic to dust mites.

the blood portion said, that I no food allergies except shrimp. wheat came up negative but I know for certain I have a wheat intolerance. (not celiac)

as for reactions......I rarely if ever ate shrimp  (maybe once a year) and never had a reaction, but Im assuming its because I never ate it enough to begin to develop allergic symptoms to it.


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