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Author Topic: Great Wolf Lodge (Cincinnati / Mason)  (Read 547 times)


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Great Wolf Lodge (Cincinnati / Mason)
« on: April 30, 2018, 08:20:18 AM »
My son leaves Wednesday to spend 3 days at the Great Wolf Lodge with his marching band. I read great things about Great Wolf Lodge. Can anyone guide me as to what options there will be for him to most safely eat? He is pnut/walnut/pecan and avoids all treenuts away from home due to cross contamination issues.

My husband will be there and I will pack some supplementary food, but it would be nice if he could eat. Specifically they will be eating 3 breakfasts and a lunch at the Great Wolf Lodge, but if they could pack him up something for dinner on Friday to take when he leaves for the parade at 3PM, that would be amazing too.

2 ds's with PA, TNA and avoiding all seafood