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Air Fryer

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Starting this at Bensmomís suggestion.   :)

Copying my post from the good/bad/random thread....

I made pretty decent french fries in the new toaster over/air fryer.


And for lunch today, I air fried some chicken wings. DH is working from home and dd is home, so we all had wings and fries for lunch. I didn't take a picture. The wings came out pretty well. Not a lot of flavor, but I was experimenting and more concerned with how they cook then with flavor. I just dredged them in flour with salt and pepper and lightly brushed them with oil (I don't have an oil mister--need to get one).

It was a bit messy. I don't know how a regular air fryer is set up, but with the toaster over/air fryer, there's a mesh "basket" (more like mesh baking pan), and it's hard to put the flour-coated wings on/in the basket without getting flour on the counter or in the toaster oven. My oven came with a "drip pan" that I put under the basket, but the drip pan is smaller than the basket--not sure why they did that, so some of the flour got on the bottom of the oven. Anyway, the wings were good. I kept thinking how I was having this terribly unhealthy lunch of fried chicken and fries and then realized it wasn't really unhealthy, so yay! I don't really anticipate using the air fryer all that much--I had never specifically wanted one--but it's kind of cool for stuff occasionally.

What has anyone else done with their air fryer? 

Wings come out really well in mine.  I didnít do any starch on them, just tosses with some Cajun style seasoning mix, and a small amount of oil.  My fryer has a deep basket that sits in a lagger pan.  They are connected, but the basket can be lifted out of the pan to toss and shake the wings, or other goods like French fries.   I roasted a whole chicken which was excellent.  Iíd have to google the time. I made lamb loin chops in it last night!  They were delicious.  Of course Iíve some French fries, but sweet potato and regular. Iíve also done frozen fries in it.  Oh, this weekend, I played with empenada discs, and filled with taco meat leftovers mixed with cheese and a bit of black bean and corn salsa.  Crunchy, but yummy.


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