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I got the OK from Smirnoff that all of their products are PN/TNA free.  Does anyone drink Smirnoff?  And good flavor recs?

Hi Megan! I drink other kinds of vodka (Titoís is soooooo smoothóa peanut allergic person I know hasnít had any trouble with it, but I donít know if they called).

I enjoy lemon vodka and vanilla vodka (those arenít Titoís).

I have never had a drinking age allergic person in the household.  Vodka would have been a pretty safe choice in general before flavored vodka became all the rage.  Which is why I could see Tito's as being safe--they only make vodka, and don't make flavors.  Good to know about Smirnoff, since it's a pretty common brand.

I love Tito's, but have never called.  Like HH said, prior to the fad of flavored vodkas, I didn't worry about allergies with vodka.  If Smirnoff says they're safe, I'd believe them - I just don't really like Smirnoff, so it hasn't been a priority for me to find out.

I'm 34 and seriously have never drank in my adult life.  I feel like I need to loosen up and give it a try.  I got the green apple 6 pack - lol.  I'm a real party animal!  Tito's is made from a part of a company we have in my town (Kent.. I'm assuming grain comes from it).


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