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Pepperidge Farms Bread

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Does anyone trust Pepperidge Farms breads? I found a seed in Natures Own Honey Wheat bread as I was making a sandwich for my son. We have used this brand for 12 years now and this is the first time I have found a seed. Looking for safe bread.

DS-peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and sunflower seeds

Pepperidge Farm is the only commercial bread we buy, but we aren't dealing with sunflower - just PN, TN, Sesame and Chick Pea.

Same, but sometimes we also buy King’s Hawaiian. Angelic Bakery is now safe for sesame again (for a few months a couple of years ago they ran on shared lines—short-lived).

We do not deal with sunflower though.

What breads do you buy from PF? We have bought the white sandwich bread in the past but my son has decided he doesn’t like white bread. We do use Kings Hawaiian.

The whole wheat. These days doing WW we bit the Very Thin sliced. I think we’ve bought the honey wheat. It’s been almost a year since I bought regular bread, so I don’t remember.


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