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huge life changes?!

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yeah my dad's ordered in a bunch of cooking with allergy books we have figured subbing other flowers wed use rice flax and coconut flours
i had to find safe vitamin d and b 12 cause I've been low in those for years i can eat meats (other then crab) fine so i do keep those the same most veggies i can eat as long as they are cooked so i can still eat most of them but the cook books seem to have some options

Oh man! Thatís really rough!! Kudos to you for having such a good attitude!!!

Maybe since so many carbs are an issue you can look into keto and paleo recipes for inspiration?? Thing that doing to mind right away are

Moo goo gai pan- it uses a white sauce and you can add or subtract any veggies you like. Is there a soy free soy sauce that might work for you???

This is a great recipe [size=78%][/size]  You could skip the gravy and use it for a soup base or make it and whatever potato substitute you like  Skip the tomatoes and sub in mushrooms or whatever else you feel like!  Skip the breadcrumbs and switch to chicken thighs even! swap out the carrots for parsnips or turnips or skip it all together and add more Brussels sprouts!  Drop the wine and use broth or even a fruit juice with a little vinegar  Who needs buns when you have pan sauce????!

All in all I think you still have lots of options out there and can find lots of tasty foods once you get going and find what works for you!!

And like I could obviously! be totally wrong but it sounds like a lot of your allergens are in the same food family so there could be a few... ambitious results?? Iím assuming this was blood testing yeah?? So you might have a liiiiiiiitttle more wiggle room than you expect! Like obviously donít hang out at the Carbs Are Us! table!!! But see how things go with an elimination diet if you feel up to it :)


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