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Making Benadryl less accessible



Due to side effects, overuse, and newer options, Benadryl may become more difficult to get in Canada.  Add me to the group who supports this decision, especially when it comes to food allergies.  Most other antihistamines don't actually work for my seasonal allergies and yet I still support it.  I hear way too many stories of Benadryl doping (to purposefully make their child sleepy), using Benadryl for food reactions, and more.  Better options are out there.  It's a good discussion starter for getting people to actually review their action plans and reenforce that Epinephrine is the first medication to be used in an allergic emergency.

I would have cried about that a few years ago.

My sonís seasonal allergies were debilitating. Benedryl was the only thing that worked and did not cause serious side effects. For him there were NO side effects. And without it he could not function.

Come to think of it, his older brother needed benedryl too. It did make him sleepy, but the only other antihistamine that worked for his seasonal allergies made him suicidal. Sleepy was better.

Now, the older has mostly outgrown his allergies. The younger has found something that works when he needs something, which is not nearly as often as he used to need it.

Oh, I hear you. Benadryl is, by far, the best antihistamine for my seasonal allergies too. It would still be easy to get if you need it, but only from pharmacies. Not a huge deal, but hopefully enough to encourage others to try a safer antihistamine instead.

Thatís not a big deal then.


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